KeyKeg | Wine Keg for wineries

Maintain still or sparkling wine quality and freshness for longer with a wine Keg from KeyKeg. Avoid opening individual wine bottles that keep fresh for only a few days, leaving bars with uneven bottle ends. With a wine Keg tap, frontline service and employees are streamlined, efficient and effective. KeyKeg is more sustainable too, with one 20 L KeyKeg replacing 27 bottles, meaning less transport weight, lower emissions and less glass waste. Choose KeyKeg and serve consistent ‘wine by the glass’ each time; let consumers enjoy the fresh Keg winery taste.

Wine Keg range

Your wine reaches consumers all over the world as fresh as the day it was produced. Wine Kegs with
maximum shelf life, stable handling, stackability and custom branding possibilities. A sustainable solution
that allows your still or sparkling wine to be served by the glass, from the tap.

Key facts of KeyKeg wine Kegs

Increase sales and satisfy new wine markets easily with versatile, practical wine Kegs. Make life easier with lightweight, easy-to-use KeyKeg.

  • Streamline hospitality service with a greater choice.
  • Fits all dispensing systems, available in K and A fitting.
  • Distribute wine more cost-effectively with fewer overheads.
  • Suitable for serving diverse still or sparkling wine on tap.
  • A sustainable, circular-by-design solution.
  • Maximise return on investment at your winery.
  • Transport lightweight Kegs instead of heavy bottles.

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Help the environment with sustainable wine Kegs

Environmentally conscious wine drinkers expect white wine Kegs, red wine Kegs, rose Kegs or prosecco Kegs to be sustainable. KeyKeg is a circular-by-design wine Keg that preserves natural resources, reduces waste and requires less water, chemicals and fuel. A sustainable wine Keg for your winery contains circular materials that can be reused for new Kegs, rather than be incinerated or used as landfill.

Improve wine Keg storage and handling

Lightweight, ergonomic wine Kegs with an easy-to-handle grip ring and basecup are stable and stackable. Safely load pallets for effortless wine distribution and optimise winery and hospitality storage space. A filled Keg of sparkling wine, for example, requires no heavy lifting equipment, trollies, hand trucks or carts.

Storage 30l KeyKeg USP
30l KeyKeg Custom sleeve Wine

Increase brand awareness of Kegs for wineries

Raise awareness about your brand in a crowded marketplace by promoting your wine Keg on tap with a custom sleeve. Elevate your identity and complement your branding strategy with maximum hospitality exposure for your wine Kegs.

Wine Kegs streamline service and save time

Handling, cooling and opening individual wine bottles takes time. Wine Kegs on tap are more efficient and effective. Tapping a prosecco Keg or rose Keg, or a white wine Keg or red wine Keg, is quicker. Frontline employees can spend more time attending to customers, drinkers and diners.

Streamline service and save time
USP infographic Wine KeyKeg

Wine Keg taps reduce waste and save precious space

One 20 L KeyKeg replaces almost 27 bottles of wine (a 30 L KeyKeg replaces 40), meaning 16 kg less glass waste and 1.6 kg less cardboard waste. KeyKeg wine Kegs also reduce bottled wine's storage footprint by over 50%. Empty wine Kegs can be crushed to further save precious space too.

Serve a broader range of wine Kegs on tap

KeyKeg is perfect for consumers who expect a broader range of ‘wine by the glass’, perfectly served. Once tapped, a Keg of sparkling wine or still wine keeps fresh for over two months. Unlike individual bottles that keep fresh for only a day or two once open.

Different wines broader range of wine
USP Bag in Keg 30L

Serve fresh wine from the first glass to the last

Our wine kegs lock in consistent wine freshness using our specially designed Bag-in-Keg™ Technology. This innovation maintains high-quality flavour and maximises shelf life of your wines. In addition the technology prevents contamination, oxidation and degradation through the laminated, airtight light barrier, separating gas and wine. Dispense to almost the last drop and avoid the waste associated with uneven bottle ends with KeyKeg.

Available in K & A fitting

Fitting with safety valve, to connect KeyKeg for filling or dispensing. Available in K and A fitting.

KeyKeg A Coupler Connection 30 L

Get to know our Winery Kegs

Take a look at our flyer to learn how Kegs for wineries add value.

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Working with KeyKeg

keyKeg manual Connecting & Filling

Connecting, filling and dispensing wine Kegs

KeyKegs shrink-wrapped and stacked, ready for Handling & Transport

Handling and storing wine Kegs

KeyKegs when empty deflated and stacked

Wine Kegs when empty

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Practical & versatile

Lightweight KeyKeg can dispense many beverage types and styles, and it’s easy to use too. Unlike traditional Kegs, KeyKeg avoids unnecessary overheads and is more economical, maximising your return on investment.

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Sustainable and circular

We aim to steadily increase the amount of circular material in each new KeyKeg. Circular-by-design KeyKeg helps leave the world a better place by limiting use of water, fuel, chemicals and natural resources. It reduces waste too.