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By contacting our superior KeyKeg support team, you are tapping into extensive hands-on experience and solid technical knowledge with KeyKeg. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and help resolve your problems or issues — connecting and disconnecting, filling, handling and storage, dispense, deflating, disposal and sustainability. If you cannot find the information you need on our website, please connect with us. We’re here to help.

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Using KeyKeg correctly to get most value

Using KeyKeg correctly, as shown in our detailed guidelines and specifications, ensures your beverages stay fresher and in the best condition with a longer shelf life for export or local distribution. It also keeps your staff safe and healthy. Working with KeyKeg is easy. However, there are some best practices, hints and tips to follow to get maximum value.

It’s more than just correct filling, connecting and dispensing. Moving, transporting and storing filled KeyKegs effortlessly with proper handling techniques is vital too. While disconnecting, deflating and disposing of empty Kegs safely and sustainably is also extremely important.

And don’t forget how to get the most value from KeyKeg in your dispense system, as well as correct cleaning methods to serve high-quality, flavoursome beverages. Connect with KeyKeg support and ask how to do all this correctly.

Key facts about KeyKegs

  • The perfect packaging solution for great tasting, fresh beverages
  • Use KeyKeg correctly for maximum value and satisfied customers
  • Access useful hints, tips, best practices, guidelines and recommendations
  • Lightweight 10, 20 and 30 litre Kegs are easy to handle and store
  • Bag-in-Keg Technology and dispense-gas separation extends beverage shelf life
  • Pour from the tap with compressed air rather than CO2
  • Double-Wall Technology offers inbuilt protection and staff safety

KeyKeg support

Frequently asked questions

Watch our video that shows how KeyKegs are filled with carbonated beverages.

Check out this video. It demonstrates how to set equilibrium pressure using a carbonated-beverage calculator.

There is a video showing how to measure the dissolved CO2 level of beer filled in KeyKeg.

There are a few possible reasons for this. It could be because of dispense pressure, secondary fermentation or temperature.

This video shows how to deal with foaming.

We have created a video about stacking filled KeyKegs correctly.

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Supporting the KeyKeg range!

KeyKeg support covers our full range of advanced-design beverage Kegs. Using lightweight, sustainable Kegs correctly in a safe, easy, sustainable and circular manner ensures you get the most from the great opportunities they present. Break into and serve new markets with the freshest beverages of the highest quality. Our support team makes sure you reach customers around the work with beverages in the best condition possible.