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Find KeyKeg collection or drop-off options in your area

We are working with Belgian Return Partners, such as nationwide partner Vanheede Environment Group and multiple local partners, to process empty KeyKegs for circular-materials reuse. Filter by collections, drop-off points, and postcode to find the nearest, easiest, and most cost-effective return solutions in your area.

Drop-off Point
Local Partner | Dranken Geers
Ledergemstraat 7
9041 Oostakker
+32 (0)9 251 05 83
Collector image
Drop-off Point
Local Partner | Vanheede Antwerpen
Blauwe Weg 255
2030 Antwerpen
+32 (0)56 521 621
Collector image
Drop-off Point
Local Partner | Vanheede Asse
Z.5 Mollem 380
1730 Asse
+32 (0)56 521 621
Collector image
Drop-off Point
Local Partner | Vanheede Brugge
Lieverstedestraat 17
8020 Oostkamp
+32 (0)56 521 621
Collector image
Collection & Drop-off Point
National Partner | Vanheede Environment Group
Dullaardstraat 11
8940 Wervik
+32 (0)56 521 621
Collector image
Drop-off Point
Local Partner | Vanheede Mons
Rue de l'Epinette 12
7040 Quévy
+32 (0)56 521 621
Collector image
Drop-off Point
Local Partner | Vanheede Roeselare
Moorseelsesteenweg 32
8800 Roeselare
+32 (0)56 521 621
Collector image
Drop-off Point
Local Partner | Westlandia
Dehemlaan 1
8900 Ypres
+32 (0)56 521 621
Collector image
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KeyKeg in a circular economy

KeyKeg is designed for circularity and compliant with ISO 18604, the international standard for packaging-material recycling and the environment. This means you can return your empty KeyKegs to reuse the materials for producing new KeyKegs. The more empty KeyKegs that are returned, the more we increase our circularity. We do not want to see designed-for-circularity KeyKegs incinerated or used as landfill, so our local and nationwide Return Partners support our ambitious sustainability goals by offering collections and/or drop-off points.

Discover your sustainable, circular Kegs

Become a collection partner and / or drop-off point

We actively seek new Return Partners to join our community and collect empty KeyKegs in their areas.

Connect with us and register your interest in being a Belgian Return Partner for empty KeyKeg collections.

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Frequently asked questions

KeyKegs are designed for circularity. Wherever possible, empty KeyKegs are either collected by or dropped-off at our Return Partners to be processed into the raw circular materials that we reuse for new KeyKegs. We prefer KeyKegs to be returned, but they may also be added to local recycling programmes.

Find a Return Partner in your region or contact us if you have further questions.

Always deflate KeyKegs in a well-ventilated area. Use the red KeyKeg deflating tool or Micro Matic dispense head with built-in deflating switch. Keep the red KeyKeg deflating tool for future use.

Once deflated, there are several recycling options for empty KeyKegs.

We have created a video for you to watch that demonstrates the KeyKeg deflation process.

If you have a large number of empty KeyKegs to return, we recommend palletizing and wrapping them. However, your chosen Return Partner may prefer a different approach, so please read the specific ‘Prepare empty KeyKegs’ information for each partner.

Please note: KeyKegs should always be deflated as soon as they are empty.

The number of empty KeyKegs that fit on a 48" × 40" (120 cm x 100 cm) block pallet is shown below

  • 10 L: 140 KeyKegs
  • 20 L: 80 KeyKegs
  • 30 L: 48 KeyKegs

Empty KeyKegs for First Mile should be sent to the Oldbury address below, but please e-mail them first.

First Mile

Unit 5, Broadwell Park, Broadwell Road, Oldbury

B69 4BL Birmingham

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