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Serve fresh, healthy craft roast and cold brew coffee, blends, tea and non-alcoholic beverages from the tap anywhere in the world with KeyKeg coffee Kegs. Whatever the climate, sturdy, reliable and easy-to-handle KeyKeg cold brew coffee Kegs take care of your beverages and make life easier for frontline-employee staff.

Coffee Keg range

Your craft roast and cold brew coffee, blends, tea and non-alcoholic beverages reach consumers all over the world as fresh and healthy as the day they were produced, whatever the climatic conditions. Coffee Kegs offer maximum shelf life, stable handling, stackability and custom branding possibilities. A sustainable solution that allows your coffee to be served from the tap.

Key facts of KeyKeg coffee Kegs

By using a flexible coffee Keg solution for craft coffee roasts, blends, teas and other beverages, you are choosing a sustainable option. Increase opportunity and develop new markets with KeyKeg; retain beverage quality, preserve flavour and offer a longer shelf life in both warmer and cooler regions.

  • Can be filled with a variety of beverages including coffees, teas and drinks without alcohol
  • Frontline hospitality staff can manoeuvre filled and empty Kegs easily
  • Increase distribution quickly or strategically to meet market demands
  • See more ROI, fewer expensive overheads and less waste
  • Environmentally friendly Kegs are ideal for healthy beverages
  • Fits all dispensing systems, available in K and A fitting

Ship coffee Keg freshness around the world

Drinkers who love the fresh taste of roast coffee will enjoy the quality and flavour retention in your beverages with KeyKeg. Whether you distribute Kegs of iced coffee or cold brew coffee in Kegs, Bag-in-Keg™ Technology keeps your beverages in perfect condition, even in warmer climates. Because dispense gas and coffee have no contact, contamination and spoilage is reduced. Consumers appreciate the great taste, as though it were freshly brewed that day.

USP Bag in Keg 30L
30l KeyKegs circular logo

Coffee drinkers prefer sustainable Keg packaging

Today’s consumers support sustainability, so by using coffee Kegs that are circular by design in your roastery, you are offering a solution that is friendly to the environment. KeyKeg helps reduce dependence on precious natural resources, while also cutting down on waste, water usage, fuel and chemicals. Circular packaging also avoids being burnt or buried with general waste.

Cold brew coffee Kegs look after your beverages

Damage, spoilage, frontline injury and health and safety hazards can be avoided with KeyKeg’s Double Wall™ Technology. Whether you’re connecting, filling or dispensing from Kegs of tea or Kegs of iced coffee, KeyKeg offers protection and safety. KeyKeg is also suitable for other high-pressure beverages or dispensing in any climate around the world.

Blok 6a.png
Storage 30l KeyKeg USP

Optimal Keg storage handling and transport

KeyKeg’s basecup and grip ring make your coffee Kegs ergonomic, manageable and easy to handle. They’re not heavy but do have in-built stability for stacking and palletising. Make the most of the space in your roastery or hospitality service area. Even when full, KeyKegs can be moved safely by hand without specialist lifting equipment, trollies or trucks.

Make hospitality customers aware of your brands

Consumers who enjoy your cold brew coffee from the Keg, Tea on tap or Kegs of iced coffee will want to drink it again. Use KeyKeg custom sleeves to ensure they recognise your branding. The hospitality marketplace is crowded, so let your identity stand out while also showing that you use sustainable KeyKeg. Make your coffee-Keg brand awareness part of your marketing strategy and increase knowledge about which beverages are yours.

KeyKeg with Custom Sleeve 30L
KeyKeg A Coupler Connection 30 L

Available in K & A fitting

Fitting with safety valve, to connect KeyKeg for filling or dispensing. Available in K and A fitting.

Get to know our coffee Kegs

Read more information about why KeyKeg is the best choice for your craft roast and cold brew coffee, blends or teas.

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Working with KeyKeg

keyKeg manual Connecting & Filling

Coffee Keg connecting, filling and dispensing

KeyKegs shrink-wrapped and stacked, ready for Handling & Transport

Coffee Keg storage and handling

KeyKegs when empty deflated and stacked

Coffee Kegs when empty

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Practical & versatile

Make life easier with lightweight, easy-to-use Kegs. KeyKeg is used to dispense many different beverages, types and styles. Maximise your return on investment by avoiding expensive overheads associated with traditional Kegs.

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Sustainable & circular

KeyKegs are recyclable. Our aim is to steadily increase the amount of recycled material in each new KeyKeg. Leave the world a better place by protecting natural resources, reducing waste and limiting the use of water, chemicals and fuel and supporting a circular economy.