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Belgian beer culture meets the Spanish summer

Meet Cyclic Beer Farm, a Spanish brewery inspired by the traditional Belgian beer heritage – with a fruity twist. Owners Alberto and Joshua don’t shy away from experimenting. Quite the opposite. With a shared passion for fruit, organic products, sour beer and fermentation, all ingredients are there to produce unique beers. Since starting their brewery in 2016 the Barcelona beer brothers have focused on the cultivation of mixed fermentation beer.

From the earliest days of its adventure, Cyclic Beer Farm had the ambition to become as sustainable as possible in all aspects of brewing. And well, they’ve succeeded. Their beers are 95% organic, and they strive to reach the final 5% in the upcoming months. The reason the last 5% is taking un poco más longer is down to market conditions.

With a boatload of experience gained and a great reception from beer aficionados all over the world, Cyclic Beer Farm launched another stand-out product born out of fruit fermentations: organic wines and ciders. And guess what? The Cyclic wines are already 100% natural!

“We love to work with high quality raw ingredients and transform them into character flavours. Seasonality and locality are very important, we brew as the harvest supports and take advantage of local organic fruit, vegetables and herbs, some of which come from our family farm just outside Barcelona. The transformation of something simple into a unique complex flavour, is what drives us. Fermentation and experimenting with a blend of different bacteria makes the process and flavours even more interesting.”

Cyclic Beer Farm exports 75% of their beer to France, the Netherlands and Belgium. They supply Michelin star restaurants with their natural wine and export it to the US, the UK and Australia. Their cider is still in the developmental stages as they keep expanding their beverages portfolio. KeyKeg is proud to be the packaging of choice from the very start of these Spanish beers based on a sustainable belief.

The innovative design and sustainability of KeyKeg suits our company’s dna. KeyKeg keeps our beer tasting exactly the way we brewed it. It is a strong packaging solution with the right sizes for a brewery like ours that supplies bars and restaurants all over Spain with 35 different beers. The KeyKeg ease of filling and handling is also important to us and the bars and restaurants we supply.

Alberto and Joshua, we salud you!