Cerveceria Transpeninsular and MIcerveSA take craft beer further into Mexico with UniKeg

Cerveceria Transpeninsular and MIcerveSA take craft beer further into Mexico with UniKeg

Cerveceria Transpeninsular is located in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico a beautiful area that influences the flavor and names of the beers they brew. Collin Corrigan started the brewery in 2016 and made it grow, or should we say brew, into one of the top 5 breweries in the area from San Diego to Baja California. Next to a brewery Cerveceria Transpeninsular is also a family friendly brewpub where you can eat an amazing ceviche, fish and shrimp tacos or a brew pub favorite burger or hotdog. They have a dedicated outdoor area to let the kids play while the parents can enjoy a beer or 2 like their flagship IPAs, Carretera 3, Camino del Rio and La Curva IIPA or their multi award winning Tierra Clara blonde ale.

Collin Corrigan: “When I was young I used to work in textile and travelled all over the different states of Mexico and here is where I got a taste for doing proper business in the country. In my early twenties I witnessed the San Diego beer scene growing into one of the capitals of craft and recognized an opportunity in the beer market across the border. 17 years ago I began living in Mexico, where I started Cerveceria Transpeninsular with my amazing wife and partner Gaby. Seven years ago it was a completely different market than it is now. All the big breweries were dominating the market and we had to struggle with all our imports to obtain ingredients from the United States.”

MIcerveSA (Maltas e Insumos Cerveceros SA) was founded in 2009 by Jose Ruiz responding to this market need.

Jose Ruiz: “Our company is born from the demand of high quality ingredients by craft beer brewers at a national level. Our main objective is to support the development of the craft beer industry in Mexico. When we started in 2009 there were less than 20 microbreweries in the country. By offering the best ingredients and supplies that brewers need to brew, package and serve high quality craft beer, we grew with the market and helped the market grow. MIcerveSA is happy to be the reseller for UniKeg and KeyKeg in Mexico as this strong and sustainable packaging solution answers another need in the market, namely for a packaging strong enough to weather difficult transport circumstances.”

Collin Corrigan: “We send a lot of beer to the south of Baja and into the Republic of Mexico along with our exports to the US. We do around 2.500 barrels a year. Six years ago I started using one-way-kegs for these exports, but the quality was not up to our standard. The success rate of our beer arriving in the condition we want, was only 60%.”

Jose Ruiz: "Our slogan in Spanish is 'Nos tomamos tu cerveza en serio', which in English means: We take your beer seriously. And that’s what we do with our customers beer. We are not only concerned with providing the best quality ingredients, but our mission is also to help our customers to get their beer further and in perfect condition. To this effect we sell reliable packaging solutions, like UniKeg, so brewers can concentrate on making good beer without having to worry about the packaging and the quality of their beer when they transport it over long distances.”

Collin Corrigan: “UniKeg gives me the assurance of our product arriving in excellent condition over rough and unknown roads. That is what matters to me most. The roads to remote areas in Mexico are not suitable for cold chain transport and trucks with steel kegs are too heavy. This means there is no real transport option available for craft beer when the keg you transport it in is not sturdy enough. With UniKeg I now have a strong, high quality, reliable one-way-keg that keeps my beer fresh, even when I transport it over difficult roads. UniKeg is better than other one-way-kegs in the market, some of which do not even attempt to guarantee transportation in the conditions we face. And because it is a one-way-keg, there is no transport loop, which saves on transport costs. After UniKeg leaves my building it travels for 28-30 hours from cold room to cold room and I trust my beer to arrive safely and retain flavor and quality because of the Double Wall Technology. I even believe it keeps the core temperature of the beer at 55 degrees Fahrenheit until arrival.”

Cervecería Transpeninsular is a well-known and respected craft brewery in Ensenada Baja California. Over the years they have won multiple awards from regional, national and international beer competitions. It is also a family brewpub, where you can spend an afternoon with your kids. There is a play area for kids and pets, amazing food and of course craft beer with great flavor, body and aroma. We are proud to know that Cerveceria Transpeninsular chooses UniKeg to send their beers around to different parts of the world to share in their message and passion, enjoy great beer and support the international beer community.

MIcerveSA is the official reseller of UniKeg and KeyKeg in Mexico, as well as the leading distributor in the country. Their goal is to support the growth of craft beer in the country by supplying brewers with the best brands of supplies for microbreweries and homebrewing stores in Mexico.