Green Roots Wine get responsible packaging | KeyKeg

Green Roots Wine chooses KeyKeg as responsible packaging for on-trade hospitality customers

The Green Roots Wine brand is committed to embedding sustainability into every step of the supply chain, from grape to glass. Launched by UK-based specialist-wine importer Las Bodegas, the red, white and rosé blends, sourced from sustainable vineyards in France and Spain, combine environmental passion, a love for wine and many years’ experience in shipping and distributing wine.

Every decision at Las Bodegas puts the planet first. Sustainability in every aspect of production and the supply chain is considered. With a focus on finding innovative solutions to the industry’s biggest sustainability barriers, KeyKeg was chosen as responsible packaging for distributing Green Roots Wine to on-trade hospitality customers.

KeyKeg plays a significant role in Green Roots Wine’s aim to improve wine-packaging and shipping practices. The biggest gains are changing perceptions about how wine is transported; shipping wines from their country of origin in individual heavy glass bottles is an environmental concern. All Green Roots Wine is shipped to the UK in bulk using flexi-tanks, and then they are individually and sustainably packaged locally after arrival, reducing emissions and saving customers money. One 20 L KeyKeg holds almost 27 bottles of wine, meaning 16 kg less glass is shipped for each Keg filled with Green Roots Wine.

Once empty, designed-for-circularity KeyKegs can be collected across the UK for recycling into the actual raw materials used to produce new KeyKegs. Sustainable, circular plastics produce fewer CO2 emissions, protect natural resources, lower energy consumption and reduce waste. By returning all empty KeyKegs that may otherwise end up incinerated or used as landfill, Green Roots Wine’s on-trade hospitality customers can help protect the environment.

Alistair Coulthurst, Chief Executive Officer, Las Bodegas: “Climate change is one of today’s defining issues. With Green Roots Wine we combine delicious taste with minimal carbon emissions across the entire supply chain. KeyKeg shares our passion and drive for sustainability by maintaining wine quality while also being kinder to the planet. Green Roots Wine and KeyKeg is the most sustainable way to drink fresh wine, by an absolute mile.”