Mayor Jan de Boer visits KeyKeg in Den Helder | KeyKeg

A visit from mayor Jan de Boer

Den Helder mayor Jan de Boer visited OneCircle on Wednesday 28 September 2022 for a look around this innovative family business. As a market leader in circular plastic-Keg production, he is interested in us as an employer in the Den Helder region.

Beverages in KeyKeg and UniKeg are held within an inner bag, which makes our Kegs lighter than regular metal Kegs, reducing transport costs. We supply these Kegs to worldwide beverage-industry customers such as beer brewers and wine makers. To do this as sustainably as possible, we produce KeyKeg and UniKeg not only in Den Helder, but also around the world.

The mayor was given a tour of the Den Helder production facilities, where he could see in detail how KeyKeg and UniKeg is made in the most sustainable way possible, with reuse of circular-material plastic.

When plastic is used responsibly, it contributes to climate and environmental goals. Several scientific studies conclude that sustainable, circular plastics reduce CO2 emissions, protect natural resources, lower energy consumption and reduce waste. Beverages from our Kegs can also be dispensed almost to the last drop without CO2, limiting product waste and helping hospitality during the global CO2 shortage.

OneCircle's founder had a desire to leave the world a better place than it was when he started his company. In the spirit of his wish, we still do everything we can to produce and deliver KeyKeg and UniKeg as sustainably as possible. We do this with our own innovation department, which continually works to further develop our products. We are also assembling a global Return Network of partners to collect empty Kegs for recovery of the circular materials used for new Kegs. Building such a network takes time and we cannot do it alone. Increasing the amount of circular material we use requires a joint effort between beverages producers, distributors, hospitality and waste-management partners. We are therefore always looking for recycling businesses to help us further our sustainability ambitions.

Mayor Jan de Boer watched with interest how our production processes work and how we pay attention to the details that allow us to proudly send the best, most sustainable products from Den Helder to the world, which also creates jobs in the region. We offer employees an opportunity to develop their talent and passion, and work together in a smart and effective way. If you apply for a job with us you get access to our own gym, for example, because sustainability extends to sustainable care for our team.

If you see yourself working at OneCircle, check out the vacancies on our careers page or send us an open application.