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Niche Solutions increase KeyKeg collections and obtain USA and Australasia Keg-filling stand patent

ISO-compliant Niche Solutions continues to grow a reliable empty-KeyKeg collection service across the UK while also developing its own range of KeyKeg products that demonstrate the team's commitment to sustainable, circular Kegs.

Niche Solutions recently achieved ISO 9001:2015 compliance, recognising the quality-management standards that prioritise sustainability and circularity in all areas of its business. From its Northampton base, Niche Solutions demonstrates an environmental commitment by collecting empty KeyKegs from pubs, bars, caf├ęs and restaurants across the North, South East and the Midlands.

KeyKegs are designed for circularity, which means that, once empty, they can be recycled into the actual high-quality raw materials used in the production of new Kegs. As Niche Solutions collects more empty Kegs that may otherwise have ended up as landfill, the amount of recycled material used in each new KeyKeg will steadily increase, conserving precious natural resources.

With over five years' experience working with OneCircle, Niche Solutions understands the KeyKeg market. It supplies KeyKeg equipment, beer ingredients, hygiene aids and testing services to the UK brewing industry, while also developing solutions that respond to customer needs.

The entry-level Niche Solutions Keg-filling stand is easy to use, certified by OneCircle and recently granted a patent in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Constructed with genuine KeyKeg couplers, it is built of stainless-steel with food-grade pipework and is designed to fill KeyKegs correctly, upside down, according to our guidelines. Interchangeable coupler plates allow Kegs with either KeyKeg or European Sankey (type S) couplers to lock into place with one gentle turn. Once safe and secure, connected Kegs are filled in a steady, controlled manner. Manual filling is always consistent, correct and faster, with less waste and far fewer pressure or oxygen problems.

Paul Calcott, Niche Solutions: "At Niche Solutions we recognised a customer need for a Keg filing stand at entry level. By bringing this to market and obtaining the international patent, we are providing an affordable, simple and high-quality way to fill KeyKegs easy, consistently and safely. We are confident this elegant solution will add value to KeyKeg, breweries and beverage producers."