Niche Solutions receive new patents to answer all your upside-down filling questions

Niche Solutions receive new patents to answer all your upside-down filling questions

Sounds a bit like you’ve just entered Wonderland I guess, which seems fitting for a company that offers to help you turn water into great beer and turn your world upside-down. But this story is not all that strange, just very innovative which is where Niche Solutions and OneCircle align.


Innovation is an important part of both company’s DNA. OneCircle, the inventor of KeyKeg, created the Bag-in-Keg™ Technology, the hermetically sealed inner bag, that is perfect for keeping your beverages stable and preventing off-flavours from developing in the Keg. It protects beverages against microbiological or bacterial contamination, oxidation and quality degradation. Making sure your beverages reach consumers all over the world as fresh as the day they were produced. To fill them correctly, you have to fill them upside down.

This is where Niche Solutions comes in. When they started reselling KeyKegs they noticed that smaller and mid-level brewers did not always have the right automatic filling systems in place. And because Niche Solutions believe in innovation as much as OneCircle, they invented and developed a Filling Frame for automatic, inverted filling of KeyKegs at an affordable price for breweries.

New patents for the Filling Frame

Niche Solutions has already sold around 500 Filling Frames in Scandinavia, Spain, France, America, Germany and Holland to happy breweries.

David from Norfolk Brewhouse

"The KeyKeg filler from Niche Solutions allows us to simply and quickly fill KeyKegs. It’s easy to use and has the flexibility of allowing us to add finings or flavourings as needed, meaning we can literally produce 1 off bespoke kegs to order. A great piece of kit. Also it is easy to clean and maintain".

Niche Solutions have now received European, Australasian and American patents for this great system. So all small and mid-level breweries that need an affordable automatic filling system to fill their 20 and 30 litres KeyKegs, can now buy the Filling Frame from Niche Solutions. And, to offer a shorter distance to the buyer, Niche Solutions will be selling the Filling Frames for mainland Europe from their sister company Brewer’s Oceans B.V. in Ravenstein, The Netherlands.

Growth and a continued commitment to sustainability

The commitment to sustainability is not limited to selling Niche Solutions’ products as close to the customer as possible, but also in aiding the recycling of empty KeyKegs. Niche Solutions crush the empty KeyKegs and assures they go back into the UK recycling stream. Continued innovation and attention to sustainability ensures the company is doing well. So well in fact, they needed more space. So they are having a new warehouse built on a piece of land at their current location on the Milton Trading Estate. 3,500 square feet of extra space for KeyKegs, UniKegs and Filling Frames. More space to help you turn water into great beer.

Reselling KeyKeg and UniKeg in the UK

Niche Solutions is an official UK reseller of KeyKeg, allowing beverage producers to buy their kegs closer to home which helps with transport costs and aids sustainability goals, because less miles to get you the products you need, is always better for the environment. They offer free next day delivery everywhere in the UK (excluding islands and highlands) when you order before 12.00 o clock.

OneCircle is the producer of KeyKeg and UniKeg. They offer a complete range of Kegs that feature an advanced design and are easy-to-use, sustainable and contain at least 50% circular material. The kegs offer great opportunities to break into and serve new markets, while personalised custom branding is also possible. Lightweight, sustainable Kegs provide the best possible protection for your beverages, which can be dispensed using any gas, even compressed air.