OneCircle announces partnership with Nichesolutions

Today’s announcement that Nichesolutions has become an official reseller of the innovative KeyKeg® range has been perhaps the least surprising but most welcome. Having been a reseller and collection partner for more than five years, this is a partnership that can now move forwards with a collective mindset. Today’s update will trigger a positive gear change that will benefit customers across England, Scotland and Wales with an enhanced level of service and supply while increasing the overall circularity of every new KeyKeg® produced.

Since this working relationship was established, our team have been constantly impressed by the work ethic of the whole team at Nichesolutions. They are equally committed to supporting the British beverage market while also prioritising sustainability and circularity across their operation.

Never was this more apparent than during the pandemic. The team at Nichesolutions reimagined what a KeyKeg® could do and use it for hand sanitiser at a crucial time.

This alignment of priorities and ambitions allows us to offer a more cohesive service to the British beverage market when it is needed most. Nichesolutions will hold optimal levels of stock across the OneCircle range with fast delivery, custom labels and reliable collection services for the return journey of our circular KeyKegs.

Paul Calcott, Managing Director of Nichesolutions: “Nichesolutions saw the demand for lightweight, sustainable Kegs grow over many years, and we started selling OneCircle's products because we recognised them as leaders in this field. We are now delighted to be the official reseller for England, Scotland and Wales.’’

Natalie Maestri, OneCircle Account Manager UK: “After many years of selling OneCircle products, we have now gained Nichesolutions as an official partner and reseller of KeyKeg® to the brewing industry in the Great Britain. Nichesolutions will offer more competitive pricing, on-demand units and next day delivery, which we know is required with the recent reopening of the hospitality industry.”

For more information on Nichesolutions, visit: http://www.nichesolutionsgb.co.uk/about/