Convenience and service for Belgian brewers: welcome HVB!

We combine our service-oriented attitude with brewery needs to drive innovation for the packaging industry. We are therefore pleased to find a like-minded collaboration partner in HVB, professional ingredient and packaging suppliers to the brewing industry. HVB now supplies KeyKeg, the industry standard for circular packaging, direct to breweries in Belgium.

Benny Van Heule founded HVB in 2018 to supply Belgian and Dutch breweries with everything they need to brew and package beer, a full range of ingredients and packaging, such as hop, malt, grains, sugar, bottle and keg caps. HVB are now able to offer KeyKeg too, satisfying customer demand for OneCircle's high-quality, continually innovative Keg. With KeyKeg added to the product range, ordering from HVB is now a true one-stop shopping experience.

We are pleased that OneCircle now offers KeyKeg to Belgian brewers closer to home, and with resellers such as HVB nearby, the sustainable choice in Kegs is now within easy reach of the brewery. HVB offers KeyKegs in quantities to match brewery needs. We welcome HVB to our reseller network, and together we strive to make it even easier for our Belgian customers to continue brewing and packaging excellent craft beer.

Benny Van Heule, Managing Director at HVB: "We are much more than a reseller; we are a service company that also advises our customers on correct usage of the products we offer. We chose KeyKeg for our product range because, as the world of Kegs evolved, it maintained quality and market position through continued innovation. We also received positive feedback from our customers. Two important reasons for us to become an official KeyKeg reseller in Belgium."

Kilian van Woerkom, Account Manager at OneCircle: "We very much look forward to work together with HVB in the Belgian market. They help professional brewers make the best beer, by selling top-quality ingredients and providing advice on how to use them. For OneCircle this is a natural fit as a reseller for our high-quality sustainable KeyKegs."

Besides aiming for the highest standard of service, we view the process of producing KeyKeg through a sustainable lens at OneCircle. Each KeyKeg contains 86 % recyclable material and 42 % circular material. KeyKeg's circular design allows us to reuse material from empty Kegs to make new Kegs. Through continued innovation and a growing Collection Network that handles our empty Kegs, we remain focused on achieving greater sustainability in the KeyKeg chain.