Young Master Brewery happy to provide KeyKeg as a new reseller from Hong Kong

Young Master Brewery happy to provide KeyKeg as a new reseller from Hong Kong

Young Master Brewery, founded in December 2013 by a homebrewer Rohit Dugar in search of better beer and has since grown into a brewery with a staff over 30 people, exporting amazing craft beer all over Asia. They saw an opening in the beer market in Asia and believe that demand is still growing.

Brewing world-class craft beer, locally rooted, injecting original thinking, bold flavours and disciplined brewing techniques into their beers, they have established themselves as a leader in the Asian craft beer scene in the past 10 years. They are now one of Asia’s highest rated and most awarded craft breweries with a wide range of exciting beer styles such as Pilsners, Pale Ales, IPAs, Stouts and Barrel-Aged Wild Ales.

From their brewery in Hong Kong, they sell their beers to iconic hotels like the Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, Shangri-La and others; to prestigious private clubs, craft beer bars and some of the trendiest restaurants and bars in Hong Kong. They also export a lot of beer, to Singapore, the USA, China, Malaysia and Japan among others.

KeyKeg the market standard

This is where KeyKeg comes in, a complete range of beverage Kegs from OneCircle, which feature an advanced design, are easy-to-use, sustainable and circular. Lightweight, sustainable KeyKegs provide the best possible protection for beverages and allow brewers to reach consumers all over the world with beverages as fresh as the day they were produced. KeyKeg presents great opportunities to break into and serve new markets.

Nicolas Pouliot, Head of Operations at Young Master Brewery: “We really appreciate KeyKeg and use it for export a lot, because it keeps our beer very fresh and it is easy to use. Freshness is a very important aspect of our product, so we appreciate the maximum quality and shelf life that KeyKeg provides. As a reseller we hope to assist other smaller local brewers who don’t export yet, as we believe that there is still growth possibility for them and export can help them increase their business.”

Raymond Kent: “We are happy that customers in the area of Hong Kong, who want to order less than a full container of KeyKegs, can now order smaller quantities from Young Master Brewery, making KeyKeg, a product we are proud of at OneCircle, available to smaller brewers as well.”