Zenit-t excited to join KeyKeg reseller network in response to market request

Zenit-t excited to join KeyKeg reseller network in response to market request

Zenit-t is a small family company, active in the micro-brewery market for over 25 years. They are based in Kamnik in Slovenia and distribute hops, malt and one-way-kegs to Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. The company is run by the whole family. Tatjana Pangeršič started the company and was then joined by her husband, her niece, her daughter and then Tim Bartol.

Market driven brewery services

As the brewery market in Slovenia and other Ex-Yugoslavian countries grew, Zenit-t started expanding their offers in response to market request. They now offer various ingredients, packaging and other accessories for micro-breweries.

Tatjana: “We are constantly in contact with our brewers to make sure we meet and exceed their needs. We believe brewers should focus on brewing great beer. And we are here to support them by providing everything they need to do that.”

KeyKeg as the answer

Providing everything brewers need, is also the reason Zenit-t decided to become a reseller for KeyKeg.

Tatjana: “As Zenit-t we started selling KeyKeg because breweries kept asking us for these specific one-way-kegs. We also saw them in a lot of bars. We already sold other one-way-kegs, but the quality of KeyKeg is incomparable, according to the market. So we saw a niche market opportunity and decided to act upon it.


KeyKeg products feature an advanced design and are easy-to-use, sustainable and circular. KeyKeg presents great opportunities to break into and serve new markets, while personalized custom branding is also possible. Lightweight, sustainable KeyKeg provides the best possible protection for your beverages, which can be dispensed using any gas, even compressed air. They make sure your beverages reach consumers all over the world as fresh as the day they were produced.

Two businesses, one transport service

Zenit-t has another business under the same name, Zenit-t chemicals, from which they export all over the world. Because of this export business they already have the network to transport KeyKegs at good transport prices. This all aligned with their business principles to offer the best quality and the best customer service.

Tatjana: “We want to have long term cooperation with our customers and also are suppliers. This is another reason that we are excited to enter this reseller agreement with KeyKeg.”