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Ready for the virtual-interactive future with the KeyKeg app



Unique footage

Christof Pex, Senior Business Creator on our marketing team, notes “We are using a wide range of communication channels to offer optimal support to the entire supply chain. We are committed to making sure the KeyKeg is used to its fullest potential. This app is a valuable addition because it allows innovation, virtual-augmented reality and interactivity to all come together on your cell phone. I recommend that everybody takes a peek behind the scenes of KeyKeg. You will find unique footage that few people have seen!”

New functionalities 

Christof continues, “This first version is only the beginning. Many more functionalities will be added at a later stage. This app will take our KeyKeg users platform, which has already been successful for 10 years, to the next level. A powerful track & trace functionality will also be integrated into the app. Before you know it, you will have an answer to all you questions about the use of KeyKeg in your pocket!” 

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Android Store. We will keep you updated about any new additions to the app and you will automatically receive a notification when the KeyKeg app should be updated.  

Download the KeyKeg App from the Android Store   Download the KeyKeg App from the App Store

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The environmentally friendly one-way keg

We take our environment into account, even during the design phase. A KeyKeg more than meets European Union environmental criteria. The KeyKeg will eventually be made from over 50% recycled PET, and our goal is to recycle every KeyKeg to produce new KeyKegs.

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