Price adjustment due to increased energy prices

Message from our CEO

OneCircle is a leading manufacturer that produces KeyKeg and UniKeg. Like you, we are feeling the impact of events in Ukraine that are disrupting the global energy market and thereby causing a dramatic cost increase.

Although the higher energy prices were partially included in this year's earlier price increase, we could not foresee or estimate the impact and duration of recent developments in the energy market.

Initially, we have chosen to wait and monitor developments for a few months. However, the expectation of a recovery in energy prices has been absent for some time, and we are now forced to take this into account in our pricing to our customers.

What does this mean for you?
To do this in an appropriate and transparent way, we will apply an energy surcharge of €0,49 or £0,43 per keg on every order which is dispatched on and after 01 October 2022. We have chosen not to directly increase product prices, because we want to keep flexibility to reduce the energy surcharge as soon as market prices recover. We expect that this is not a permanent increase, but merely a necessary measure during this challenging time.

Our intention is to adjust the energy surcharge on a quarterly basis but we reserve the right to adjust this monthly if necessary (in case of a significant change in the prices of the energy market). The next communication will be before 01 January 2023. In addition, you will also find the latest update on our website.

We realise that this is not a pleasant message and hope for your understanding. We are confident that together we will get through this situation and overcome the challenges. Your sales representative is at your disposal, if you require additional information.

Sincerely yours,

Chris Roggeband